What the President Said

Last week President Obama spoke at the 2015 National Prayer Breakfast, an annual event where religious leaders (predominantly, but not exclusively Christian) gather to hear inspirational speeches about the role of faith in civil life along with personal testimonies about how that faith has impacted individual lives in a positive and meaningful way.

It is customary for the President to be in attendance and to speak at this event. And President Obama has honored that custom in previous years, as he did again this year. But this year, the President sparked controversy over comments he made related to the way in which good religions can be twisted and perverted into ugly tools of violence and hatred.

Creationism Vs. Evolution: Bill Nye, Ken Ham and the Debate that Doesn’t Make Sense

creation vs evolution

Okay, let me preface what I am about to say with the following disclaimers:

  1. I am not a scientist
  2. I am not a “young earth creationist”
  3. I am a Christian who believes that the Bible is inspired by God
  4. My Christian Faith is not dependent upon the age of the earth.
  5. My Christian Faith is not destroyed by the Theory of Evolution.
  6. I believe debates between creationism and evolution are a waste of time and energy.