A Word to Christians After The Election

By now we are all tired of talking about the election. The polls and predictions prior to the election wore us out, and then the analysis and proclamations after the election have left most of us with a desire to move on. So much has been written. So much has been said. But as we move on to the reality of a Donald Trump Presidency, I wanted to say just a few quick words to Christians.

How Do Men Talk About Women When Women Aren’t Around?

By now you’ve probably heard. Back in 2005, Donald Trump had a conversation where he talked about women in a very lewd manner.   This conversation was caught on tape and released to the public last week. Mr. Trump has apologized for those comments, characterizing his vulgar remarks as “locker room talk.” After hearing the contents of the tape, people generally fall into one of three camps.

The Pope and Capitalism

Although I am not a Roman Catholic, there is a lot I admire about Pope Francis. His devotion to God and his love for people is inspiring. Out of that devotion and love, the Pope demonstrates a deep concern for the poor and will often speak out against systems of economic oppression that bring great harm to the poor. Much like the prophets of ancient Israel, and much like John the Baptist and Jesus, Pope Francis uses strong words and imagery to draw attention to the ongoing plight of those who dwell in poverty.

What the President Said

Last week President Obama spoke at the 2015 National Prayer Breakfast, an annual event where religious leaders (predominantly, but not exclusively Christian) gather to hear inspirational speeches about the role of faith in civil life along with personal testimonies about how that faith has impacted individual lives in a positive and meaningful way.

It is customary for the President to be in attendance and to speak at this event. And President Obama has honored that custom in previous years, as he did again this year. But this year, the President sparked controversy over comments he made related to the way in which good religions can be twisted and perverted into ugly tools of violence and hatred.