How Do Men Talk About Women When Women Aren’t Around?

By now you’ve probably heard. Back in 2005, Donald Trump had a conversation where he talked about women in a very lewd manner.   This conversation was caught on tape and released to the public last week. Mr. Trump has apologized for those comments, characterizing his vulgar remarks as “locker room talk.” After hearing the contents of the tape, people generally fall into one of three camps.

Talking to my Kids About Richard Sherman and Sports

Ambitions modesty signpost on sky background, grass underneath.Let me preface my comments with two confessions: I enjoy sports, especially baseball and football, and my children are no longer children. They are grown adults, out on their own, living and working and establishing themselves in their chosen careers.  But if my children were still growing up in my house, I would see the recent controversy surrounding Seattle Seahawk cornerback Richard Sherman as a “teachable moment,” and would offer the following comments to my children.